The Media Skirts Past Sarah Palin's Uterus and Truthers in Search of Birthers

There is no need to write ten thousand words to highlight what is perhaps the very best example these days of profound liberal bias in the media.Andrew Sullivan is now working for the Daily Beast and Newsweek after spending a great deal of time at the Atlantic. No one in the media cares to note that Andrew Sullivan is obsessed with Sarah Palin’s uterus and whether Trig Palin once resided there. His obsession amounts to Tourettes on a keyboard coupled with some form of mental illness.But the media embraces Andrew Sullivan. Harvard Magazine just named him the world’s best blogger. Wonkette, the site that used to be slightly funny, followed up on Andrew Sullivan’s obsession last week and suggested that Trig Palin is actually the incestuous love child of Todd Palin and his daughter. They also howled with laughter about his Downs Syndrome.The media yawned.In 2006, Scripps Howard found that more than half of all Democrats believe George W. Bush was complicit in the September 11th attacks.The media yawned.But by God, you suggest Barack Obama might have a problem with his birth certificate and maybe was not born in the United States, and you are liable to have a television news crew on your lawn with a TV shrink explaining how you are nuts and cannot be taken seriously in American society.We here at RedState have a pretty aggressive zero tolerance policy on birthers, truthers, and Trig Palin haters. Any of them can get banned pretty quickly.The media? They don’t care when it is an attack or ill founded belief by Democrats on Republicans — they just don’t want anyone to dare think anything less than Messiah about Barack Obama.



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