I Stand With Michele Bachmann

Just the other day I said the answer is “no” to the question “should the House GOP replace John Boehner.” The more we’ve found out about that budget deal, the more I think I might be wrong. Maybe we need Speaker Bachmann instead.On Friday, Robert Costa at National Review, got some insider dirt on the House GOP meeting that happened behind closed doors without staff.


High-profile conservatives such as Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Texas) and Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa) spoke, but the underlying topic of conservation was Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.), a potential presidential candidate, who was alluded to by a handful of members for her media-savvy opposition to the leadership, and for, along with others, stirring public divisions within the ranks. One longtime conservative grandee of the House told me that he has never seen the conference simmer in such a fashion; that things got icy quiet when King defended Bachmann and when various members boosted Boehner, all eyeing each other before reacting.

There is a reason Donal Trump is doing so well in Republican polling. It is the same reason Sarah Palin resonates so well with the base. It is the same reason Michele Bachmann resonates so well.At a time when Republican leaders are trying to look “grown up” and “reasonable” in the eyes of the Washington Press Corps, Michele Bachmann is fighting the left.Michele Bachmann is willing to pick a fight to replace Obamacare when John Boehner and Eric Cantor are willing to roll over. Bachmann is willing to pick a fight on the debt ceiling when the leadership is, even now, negotiating an increase in the debt ceiling while yet again selling out conservatives.Right now it is a safe bet to say if you are on Michele Bachmann’s side in this fight you are what we call a conservative and if you are on John Boehner’s side . . . well this is a kid friendly site so I can’t go into that.I stand with Michele Bachmann in this fight. You should too.



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