That Budget Deal Some of You Love Isn't Much of a Deal

That budget deal some of you have been going ga-ga over? Turns out it does not cut $38.5 billion. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it only cuts $353 million.Tim Pawlenty is the first 2012 candidate coming out of the gate in opposition to the deal. He’s urging Republicans to vote against it.Frankly, at this point, any House Republican who votes for the compromise should be flogged by the tea party movement — metaphorically speaking of course.And we might really need to reconsider whether or not our existing leadership has the moral authority to continue leading. They said they were all in for $100 billion. Cut it to $61 billion. Compromised at $38 billion. And now that turns out to be $353 million. This is embarrassing. ——————————–UPDATE: The one silver lining in all of this is that the House GOP Freshmen should now be radicalized against any deal cut by the House leadership.



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