Saxby Chambliss Will Consider Tax Increases

Saxby Chambliss is the Republican point man on deficit reduction. He is working with his friend Mark Warner (D-VA) to come up with a “good government” plan to reduce the deficit.


“Good government,” by the way, is code for big government, bi-partisan compromise.

On Sunday’s Fox News Sunday, Chambliss used diplomatic speak to say he’d consider tax increases. Several of you have asked me for the exact language. You can see the whole transcript here.

The relevant portion is this:

We don’t believe in raising taxes.

But let me tell you, Chris — this is such a massive problem. As Senator McConnell just stated, a $14 trillion debt, that if we don’t get our arms around it now, and then we’re going to become a second tier nation. And we cannot allow that to happen.

So, it’s imperative that we put everything on the table for discussion.

Yes, he gives lip service to opposing tax increases. Then, however, he throws in the fateful “but” and laments the size of the problem. Following that, he throws in DC speak for tax increases. “It’s imperative we put everything on the table for discussion.”

Everything means tax increases.


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