No More Short Term Continuing Resolutions

I’d like to echo Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Heritage Action for America, Jim DeMint, and a growing group of conservatives: we don’t need anymore short term continuing resolutions.


Heritage Action for America has a great post up on this very point.

If the President and Senate Democrats are genuine in their desire to fund the government, cut non-security spending and avoid a shutdown, H.R.1 should be their starting point. Anything less and they will demonstrate a fundamentally unserious approach to our looming fiscal crisis.

Congresswoman Bachmann and former Congressman Ernest Istook were in Minnesota the other day making a solid point on these continuing resolutions and Obamacare.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) says it’s not enough for House Republicans to stop the flow of new funds to ObamaCare. Bachmann is pointing out that the healthcare measure signed into law last year by President Obama included $105 billion in advance appropriations. $5 billion will go toward ObamaCare this year and another $100 billion will be spent over the next eight years. That money was already appropriated in the Obama-Reid-Pelosi legislation and now it must be clawed back. Bachmann credits former Congressman Ernest Istook with revealing the appropriations.

See, each time the House GOP does a continuing resolution for a couple of weeks, they are able to avoid a fight on funding Obamacare — both the long term funding and the short term funding.


As Mike Hammond noted yesterday, Eric Cantor has gone on record saying, “we’re trying to demonstrate right now that we don’t want to see a [government] shutdown.”

Well, if the Republicans are preemptively saying they want to demonstrate they don’t want a government shutdown, they are going to keep nibbling at the edges and do no real cuts. They will not defund Planned Parenthood. They will not defund Obamacare.


To do either would potentially lead to a government shutdown. But Eric Cantor says they want to demonstrate that they don’t “want to see a [government] shutdown.”

Continuing to push through short term continuing resolutions puts off the inevitable and the necessary. Either the House Republicans are willing to defund Obamacare or they are not.

A short term continuing resolution just allows the GOP to dodge the public longer.

It’s time for them to put up or shut up.


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