Washington Post's Greg Sargent Demands Unions Get Violent. Union Goons Attack Fox Reporter.

The Washington Post’s leftwing mouthpiece, Greg Sargent, who they ostensibly pay to be an objective reporter is on twitter demanding that unions in Wisconsin get violent to get their way.


In what we can presume is unrelated to Greg Sargent’s call, a Fox News reporter was attacked by union thugs in Wisconsin.

Once I pointed out on Twitter that Sargent was calling for unions to get violent in Wisconsin, Sargent declared he was not promoting violence despite actually writing on twitter:

Dear union thugs: Will you please get violent in Wisconsin already? Pretty please?

Note also that Sargent is calling union members “thugs”.

The point here is not that Sargent actually is endorsing violence. I’m sure he really was being sarcastic.

The point is that Greg Sargent, after demanding that unions get violent in Wisconsin, wants us to extend to him a courtesy — that of not taking his tweet at face value — he has a willful pattern of refusing to do with conservatives and Republicans.


See, for example, his insistence that the tea party movement wants “to reverse” abolition, women’s suffrage, and civil rights.

What’s good for the goose . . .

Exit point: Yes, I believe Sargent was being sarcastic. The problem is that if I or Sarah Palin or anyone on the right had said something similar, Greg Sargent and his friends would never, ever extend us the courtesy of recognizing the sarcasm, etc. If you need proof, just dig around for Sargent’s writings about Sarah Palin’s target map.

[UPDATED:] Sargent demand we look at his record, so we did.


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