A Striking Difference

We see now the striking difference between unions and tea party activists in Wisconsin.During the Obamacare fight, tea party activists did not storm the United States Capitol in an effort to shut it down.In Wisconsin, union activists have.During the bank reform fight, union activists showed up on the door step of banking executives.In Wisconsin, despite unions publishing the home addresses of the absconded Democratic legislators, tea party activists have not held court outside those legislators’ homes. . . . At least not yet. And even if they did, I have no doubt they’d stay on the sidewalks, behave peacefully, and not storm the front porches of the legislators.Time and again where union thugs have shown no restraint to shut down government and intimidate legislators and others, tea party activists have shown restraint.But again and again the tea party activists are the ones portrayed as violent, racist, and out of control.It is a striking difference between the two groups.



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