Really Grover? Losers?

As you will note from my posting over the past several weeks, I have declined to write about CPAC and the related controversy. RedState is assisting FreedomWorks in sponsoring Bloggers Row, but I have personally done my best to keep my head down and mouth shut. I’ll be speaking Friday at noon to the Young America’s Foundation luncheon. I’m happy to do so.Nonetheless, I’m rapidly loosening up my jaw on this despite having done my best to be silent and nod politely at both sides. I just . . . um . . . only see one side slinging mud.Chris Barron of GOProud went on MSNBC to lump Jim DeMint with the birthers for DeMint not going to CPAC. GOProud does, however, appear in the same category here as the Birchers.Now Chris Barron is attacking Tim Pawlenty for Pawlenty speaking in favor of Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell.And for icing on the cake, now Grover Norquist is out referring to the Heritage Foundation, the Media Research Center, the Family Research Council, Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Jim Jordan, etc. as “loser organizations” and “losers” generally.I don’t recall Heritage, DeMint, etc. deciding to attack CPAC. They’ve just opted out. Perhaps those wishing Tim Pawlenty, Jim DeMint, etc. would shut up should take their own advice.Do I really need to pull out the Susan Ralston email?I’ll stop here and suggest we, by which I mean largely they, might want to consider a cease fire.



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