Jeffrey Immelt to Lead a 'Jobs Committee'?

The President of the United States is doing what liberals do best — creating a committee to figure out why his liberal policies aren’t creating jobs.Who is he putting in charge? Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE, also known as Keith Olbermann’s boss.Since Mr. Immelt took over GE, we’ve seen its financial business bailed out by the federal government, its total number of workers decline, and its stock underperform the Dow and S&P 500 by 60%.In other words, Mr. Obama wants to put in charge of job creation a man who has done his level best to contribute to high unemployment of the middle class, while subsidizing failed leftwing pundits at MSNBC.For specifics, by the way, Immelt has reduced GE’s employment by 20% over nine years and, most hysterically, he’s sold off lots of its union run pieces. Can’t blame him for that!



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