Jonathan Pollard

I have known Jennifer Rubin for a while and really like her, but I am terribly befuddled about her Washington Post blog “Right Turn.” It has descended into advocacy of getting the traitor Jonathan Pollard out of prison.First, I have no idea why that has anything to do with coverage of conservatives and secondly, I think she’s gone a bridge too far now.Certainly there are some noted people like George Shultz who are happy to have Pollard released, but Jennifer writes, “Conservatives in effect have offered Obama all the support he might need should he be inclined to pardon Pollard.”Jonathan Pollard was a spy for hire who was hired by Israel, South Africa, and potentially other countries. He ratted out our intelligence and potentially cost people their lives because of it.There are few conservatives within the actual conservative movement who are paying attention, but the bulk of those who are do not want Pollard released. They want him hanged or shot as a traitor to his country.I realize there are people who believe our alliance with Israel outweighs every other consideration and they are forced to make logical leaps to defend or mitigate Jonathan Pollard’s actions. But let’s be clear that Jonathan Pollard is a traitor to his country and those defending him or mitigating what he did are defending a traitor with blood on his hands.Were Barack Obama to release this traitor, it would not help him politically. It would yet again cause people to question his world view — something he is desperate to avoid.Conservatives have offered nothing to Barack Obama in exchange for a Pollard pardon. To say so stretches the very definition of “conservatives” to the point that the word has no meaning. In this case, it appears “conservatives” means a handful of very old Cold Warriors. And Jenn Rubin.Count the majority of conservatives out. Closing point: I cannot fathom why right now when the right is having to defend itself from accusations of murder, Jenn Rubin is using a Washington Post platform to cover conservatives to claim conservatives want to help a traitor to this country.



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