The quintessential example of media bias for the 2010 election cycle

Over the next few days, various news networks, newspapers, magazines, and others will present a retrospective on 2010: what the media got right, what the media got wrong, best moments, worst moments, etc.Let me present what has to be the quintessential example of media bias in coverage of the 2010 elections.The candidate was the upstart upset. With the state’s political players all lined up in the primary for the other guy — including the party chairman, the congressional delegation, EVERYBODY — the candidate beat the establishment pick, upset the apple cart, had people crying foul, and went on to be annihilated in the general election.That candidate was not Christine O’Donnell, though you’d think so given the facts as I presented them. Certainly that was her story too. And the media covered the heck out of Christine O’Donnell.But I’m talking about Alvin Greene. Remember him? I’m sure you do, though not if any major news outlet had anything to do with it.The media was quite titillated at the idea that Alvin Greene was a Republican dirty trick. They clung to Congressman Jim Clyburn’s every word when he made those accusations. There was a great “whodunit” story the media circulated. But an investigation discovered Alvin Greene saved his money, paid his fee, and won fair and square.Then the media went silent on Alvin Greene, only pulsing when the drumbeat of YouTube clips turned into a roaring din of the absurb. Otherwise, the media pretended Alvin Greene did not exist. They only wanted to cover Christine O’Donnell. There were two candidates who rocked the boat, shocked everyone, and caused unforeseen upsets. I don’t know whether it was because of his party, his skin color, his IQ, or what, but the media willfully ignored Alvin Greene.Instead, they gave such over the top coverage to Christine O’Donnell many Democrats were left venting that other candidates escaped the media pat down. That’s also why Christine O’Donnell is my big hero for the 2010 election cycle. Because she so distracted the media, others had a chance to win they might not have gotten.



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