Herman Cain 2012

It was all for fun, but I am surprised by the results.In our 2012 brackets, Herman Cain reigns supreme as the reader pick for 2012.Now, to be fair, he also has a huge twitter following and microphone to drive people to vote. He garnered 8,900 votes to Governor Sarah Palin’s 8100 votes. Mighty impressive.Herman Cain is the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a radio show host on WSB in Atlanta, and, judging by RedState Readers, the Republican Party’s 2012 Nominee for President of the United States.He’s a tremendously good speaker and a thoughtful conservative. He rejects the idea of “big government conservatism” and believes in empowering individuals. I like Herman Cain and, though truth be told I never thought he’d make it past Mike Pence, I am delightfully surprised by the results.It’s all for fun folks. I wouldn’t too much stock into it, but I would say it is a good sign for Herman Cain that, being relatively unknown, he can generate that much enthusiasm for himself. Works for me.P.S. — Herman spoke at the RedState Gathering 2010. See what happens when you fire up the grassroots? Better plan on coming to RedState Gathering 2011. Details on that soon.



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