2012: The Championship Match

We’ve narrowed down the candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination for President of the United States.In Round 1:Tim Pawlenty beat Mitt Romney.
Sarah Palin beat Mitch Daniels.
Rick Santorum beat Newt Gingrich.
Herman Cain beat Donald Trump.
Mike Pence beat Mike Huckabee.
David Petraeus beat Jeb Bush.
John Bolton beat John Thune.
Haley Barbour beat Rick Perry.
In Round 2:Herman Cain beat David Petraeus.
Mike Pence beat John Bolton.
Haley Barbour beat Tim Pawlenty.
Sarah Palin beat Rick Santorum.
In Round 3:Herman Cain beat Mike Pence.
Sarah Palin beat Haley Barbour.
That brings us to the final round. Who do grassroots activists prefer — Sarah Palin or Herman Cain. We’ll start the poll now and close it out at noon tomorrow.

How do you prefer as the GOP Nominee for 2012
Herman Cain
Sarah Palin
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