The Message Still Sucks, I Guess

On the night of November 2, 2010, and thereafter, the Democrats kept saying they lost not because of their policies, but because of their message.They said they just got the message wrong and didn’t explain how they were creating vast amounts of jobs.Never mind that they weren’t. The unemployment number speaks for itself.So the Democrats got the message wrong.Right now in Congress, the Democrats are trying to pass the START treaty with Russia and abandon Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They are pushing the DREAM Act to allow illegal aliens access to college. Harry Reid is personally pushing online gambling initiatives.Meanwhile the GOP is trying to keep the government from shutting down and keep the stock market from crashing on December 15th and, once those two are addressed, want to extend unemployment benefits by December 31st.I guess the messaging still sucks. Maybe the Democrats need to remember that it is, in fact, the economy stupid. And uncertainty over a pending Obama tax hike, including an increase in capital gains taxes, as well as the certain increase in health care costs due to Obamacare will continue to kill job creation in this country.I’m beginning to think the Democrats just don’t care if we become a giant pool of unemployed wholly dependent on the government for survival.



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