Airport Security as Parody

Pejman Yousefzadeh has a great post on airport security. You’ve probably seen similar things.Throughout the country the full body x-ray machines were turned off for travel the day before Thanksgiving and have largely been unused for several days.Now, the TSA says there is no official policy, but it seems hard to believe it is sheer coincidence that on the busiest travel days of the year at the largest airports across the country the full body scanners were just . . . randomly?. . . turned off.In fact, we can be certain the TSA did it to overcome what they feared would be an organized movement to take the full body pat down combined with the high volume of traffic in general.With that being the case, why have the full body scanners and pat downs? If they aren’t needed on the busiest travel days of the year — the days terrorists would target for maximum collateral damage — why have them at all?Again, it is worth pointing out that every incident to which the TSA has responded by increasing the security theater have originated from airports overseas and not subject to the TSA’s airport security theater.By the way, you should be reading Pejman regularly.




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