Michele Bachmann Is On the Money

Michele Bachmann, for reasons unknown to me, decided to sit down with the BBC. God bless her for evangelizing and bringing the message of freedom even to places like that.But she is being attacked and distorted for what she said in this interview. The interviewer kept asking Congresswoman Bachmann if she stood by a 2008 statement that Barack Obama was anti-American.What she responded with was one billion percent on the money.


I’ve been very concerned about the policies that have come out of the White House and I share that agreement with people who voted at the ballot box on the first Tuesday in November . . . . The policies that are anti-free enterprise are ones that are not familiar to the people of the United States. And that’s why we saw such a strong reaction to the ballot box. In fact, the government takeover of health care is a great example, that’s not what was done here historically in the United States, and the people don’t want to see the federal government to control and dictate our health care.

The policies coming out of the White House are anti-free enterprise, hostile to entrepreneurs, and more recognized in more socialist oriented countries.I’m glad she was willing to stand up and say it.


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