Republican Does Not Equal Conservative. Even in Texas.

It is nauseating to hear people tell me over the past 48 hours that Joe Straus, the Democrat backed Speaker of the Texas House, is a “conservative.” With redistricting at stake in a state the size of Texas, we need to come to terms with why Straus is not a conservative and should be defeated. Likewise, Republicans who vote for him will all need to be challenged in primaries.Yes this is that big of an issue. And yes it is worth taking to the front page of a national political blog to focus on this one man in one state.The people saying Joe Straus is conservative are the same people who’ve spent the past year trying repeatedly to shut out conservatives in the election and dress up moderates and liberals as conservatives.It is not going to work.Anyone who says Joe Straus is a conservative is either a fool or a liar.I hate to be that blunt, but the truth sometimes must be.Joe Straus has a 100% rating from NARAL, but the same people saying Straus is conservative also say he is pro-life. I’m sorry, but pro-lifers do not get 100% ratings from NARAL nor do their spouses sit on the boards of abortion organizations.Pro-lifers are not honored by Planned Parenthood, but Joe Straus was.Conservatives do not block laws to provide business tax exemptions to small businesses. But Joe Straus did.Conservatives do not support McCain-Feingold style election laws. Joe Straus did.Conservatives do not kill voter integrity laws requiring photo identification for voting. Joe Straus did.Conservatives do not campaign for left-wing propagandists. Joe Straus did.Joe Straus is not a conservative. He became Speaker of the Texas House by getting Democrats to support him. He has rewarded them thoroughly. It is now time Republicans punish Joe Straus and remove him from the Speaker’s position in Texas.Below are the office numbers of key Texas House Republicans. Call them and politely ask them not just to oppose Joe Straus, but to support Ken Paxton. Let us know what they say. We will post the names of the undecideds and concentrate our efforts on them. Conservatives must defeat Joe Straus.Kenneth Sheets — member elect of Dallas
214-887-1978Stefani Carter — member elect of Dallas
(972) 385-3313Charles Schwertner — member elect of Georgetown
(512) 863-4563John Frullo — member elect of Lubbock
806-853-8275Larry Gonzales — member elect of Round Rock
512-244-1280Sarah Davis — member elect of Houston
713-320-2077Van Taylor — incumbent (special election this year) of Plano
972-398-9416Linda Harper-Brown — incumbent of Irving
(972) 717-2871 Kelly Hancock (HD-91):
(512) 463-0599, (817) 590-9280 Larry Taylor (HD-24):
(512) 463-0729, (281) 338-0924 Jerry Madden (HD-67):
(512) 463-0544, (972) 424-2235



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