Did You Know Your Airport Can Opt Out of TSA Molestations?

Byron York has good news for people around the country.Your local airport can opt out of having the Transportation Safety Administration handle security at your local airport. Instead, you can contract out to the private sector. It was one of the ingenious and little noticed provisions the Republicans dropped in the post-9/11 legislation creating the TSA.With a move to unionize the TSA and the TSA groping 3 year olds and nuns in nutty security theater, opt-ing out in favor of free market competence sounds like a great idea. Oh, and Congress will cover the payments to the TSA replacement.Practicing what I preach, I am the Chairman of the Public Properties Committee of the City of Macon, Georgia. As such, I chair the committee that oversees the Middle Georgia Regional Airport. I will be drafting legislation to have my local airport opt-out of having the TSA grope passengers.



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