'It's Not Me. It's You.'

Mr. Obama has made up his mind. The voters did not reject him or his policies on Tuesday. They just rejected the economy. Never mind that it is his policies that have made things worse.We’ve heard this now since last Wednesday. Mr. Obama has taken it as his mantra that “it’s the economy stupid” and also that people are too stupid to understand what awesome things he has been doing for them.More significantly, Mr. Obama has taken to repeating that he was just responding to a crisis. He thinks there was no “overreach” just a “perception” of an overreach.It was, therefore, the message not the policy.Let’s be clear here — this is the administration with the internal mantra of “never let a crisis go to waste.”Mr. Obama may believe he was just responding to a crisis, but much of what he did was not part of the crisis. Bailing out and expanding unions was not part of the crisis. Propping up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was not part of the crisis — heck, they caused the crisis.Attacking American job creators with language harsher than that used to attack Al Qaeda, Iran, and North Korea was not part of the crisis.And, most obviously, taking over the American health care system was not part of the crisis. That was part of not letting the crisis go to waste.For two years now, the Democrats have told us that Barack Obama is the best communicator since God first said “Let there be light.”Today, they and Mr. Obama himself, would have you believe was a communications problem, not a policy repudiation.According to Tuesday’s exit polls, a majority of Americans blame Wall Street Bankers for causing the economic collapse. It looks like they got Barack Obama’s message. The problem for Barack Obama is that those people voted overwhelmingly for the Republicans.



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