Quickly, I want to follow up on this earlier post to make sure the key nuggets get eyeballs.I think having Jeb Hensarling as Conference Chair and Michelle Bachmann as Vice Chair would be a powerful duo. Hensarling is a very substantive policy guy. Michelle Bachmann gave up campaigning for herself to go all over the country for Republicans this year. She deserves a seat at the table.Tom Price, a doctor, at Policy would be huge. I know him well. Having a doctor there would send a strong signal that the GOP is serious.Also, Fred Upton as Chairman of Energy & Commerce is unacceptable to every single conservative I know. He is a union lackey and bad on virtually every fiscal issue. Shimkus, Stearns, or Pitts would be far better.On Appropriations, not only do we need a guy like Jack Kingston who, by the way, was the only Appropriations Cardinal to turn in budgets balanced or in surplus. But that’s not all. There need to be a sizable number of fiscal conservatives put on the committee. Start with Jeff Flake, but don’t stop there. Tom Graves or Lynn Westmoreland from Georgia, other solid folks, etc. We need new blood on Appropriations.Last, but absolutely not least, the Rules Committee absolutely must stop being a proxy for the Speaker. NO WAIVERS and load up Rules with good conservatives who are not tokens or proxies. Rules absolutely must start showing some independence with a conservative spine if the GOP wants to make a real difference.



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