Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, and the Terror Threats

What we are finding out this afternoon is that it appears the terrorists are still probing for weaknesses to penetrate this country and kill many Americans.A “manipulated toner cartridge” discovered in cargo set off the bells and whistles. FedEx and UPS have been discovering suspicious packages from overseas throughout the day.Luckily, the planes grounded in Philly and Newark had no explosives on them.It is important to remember just how bad on terrorism issues both Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal have been.Murphy actively opposed the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program, which did not listen in on American calls, but on calls originating in places like Yemen that were routed through the United States.Even though these were calls from foreigners to foreigners, with many originating and going to countries with significant terror footprints Chris Murphy was opposed.Dick Blumenthal, wanting in on the action, was also opposed, asking the Senate to stop warrantless wiretapping and threatening to pursue lawsuits against phone companies helping the government.It is important to remind people at times like these that elections matter and there are those like Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal who are perfectly happy to undermine our national security in return for headlines.



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