From "All Catholics Are Pedophiles" to "Catholics Hate Poor People"

Is it any wonder polls are showing a huge shift in the Catholic vote from Democrats to Republicans?Last week in Missouri, Russ Carnahan made his closing pitch against his opponent, Ed Martin. It went something like this — “All Catholics Are Pedophiles, Ed Martin is a Catholic, Therefore Ed Martin is a Pedophile”.In Minnesota the Democrats are opting for something else. “All Catholics Hate the Poor.”A mail piece from the Democratic Party in Minnesota shows a Catholic Priest from his Roman collar down with a button on his shirt that reads “Ignore the Poor.”The National Catholic Register calls it “the most anti-Catholic political ad you’ll ever see.Never mind that the Catholic Church is one of, if not the most, charitable organizations on the planet.And what is the attack over? Actually, it is aimed a defeated a non-Catholic preacher running for Congress. Why? Because he, like the Catholic bishops, opposed Obamacare.



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