A Daily Show "Conservative"

A student at my Alma Mater is going to Washington as part of the Daily Show’s gathering. Yes, the Daily Show is busing people in to fill the crowd.The student going will play the role of “conservative” for the Daily Show audience. I put it that way because . . . well . . . she herself is admitting she really isn’t all that conservative.


Staffers at “The Daily Show” were trying to put together a diverse crowd for the bus trip, and they picked Dorminy, 22, because she listed herself as a conservative.“We found out they needed a Republican, so I thought maybe I’d play up how conservative I am,” Dorminy said with a chuckle. “I’m fiscally conservative, but on social issues I’m more liberal. (On the bus), they wanted me to argue (like a conservative), but I’m pro-choice, pro-stem cell research, pro-gay marriage.”Still, as is the show’s wont, Dorminy’s stances didn’t stop her from being labeled “Bible Belt Beauty Queen” for the duration of the trip. She actually competed in the Miss Georgia pageant a few years ago as Miss Golden Isles.

There you have it. The Daily Show has cast as a conservative a girl who supports killing children and gay “marriage”, which, you know, definitionally makes her not a conservative.



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