Harry Reid Is Off His Meds

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took full credit for preventing a world wide depression yesterday.  That is correct, a politician who is the higest ranking member of the United States Senate is taking credit for saving the world economy.  We can now change the term “God Complex” and add a new term into the lexicon of America — “Harry Reid Complex.” Reid seemed to be taking full credit for the Troubled Assets Relief Program, also known as the Bailout of Wall Street Bill, on MSNBC yesterday.  The delusional Reid took credit for personally saving the world economy and one could only assume that Reid was referring to his efforts to pass TARP.  Hot Air agrees with this assessment and wonders if he is also talking about the so called Stimulus bill.Reid seems to be making the case that “but for” his efforts, TARP never would have been signed into law and he personally saved the world wide economy with his efforts.  At a minimum, he took credit for “saving” the world from the deep depression being experienced by so many in Nevada who are unemployed or have been victimized by the mass of forclosures in Reid’s home state.  Too bad Reid spent so much time saving the world, because he seems to have forgotten his own constituents. [youtube](http://youtu.be/3SOoBOsZBU8)[/youtube]



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