Left-Wing Blogger Starts a Fight at a Joe Miller Rally

The media is buzzing today about an altercation that happened at the Joe Miller rally in Alaska.A left-wing blogger, Tony Hopfinger, tried to corner Joe Miller as Miller was departing. He kept shoving people to get to Miller and it did not go over well. The left tried to blow this up, as did Murkowski, but now several eye witness reports are coming out, along with Hopfinger’s confession that he started it, and the story is going no where.Red County had an eye witness at the event who provides a first hand account of what happened.

There comes a point to where a person passes the point of getting answers to then becoming a person who is harassing an individual. And Tony Hopfinger crossed the line when it was clear Miller changed his direction because of Hopfinger engaging Miller’s security detail in what started off as a shoving match.What I also found interesting was the set-up that took place between blogger Jesse Griffin, who when leaving was asking where Tony was. Notably, Griffin was with the individual who asked the question on why Miller was a Welfare Queen.And leave it to political hacks like Andrew Halcro to say Miller ordered the arrest when Miller wasn’t even there when the security team detained Hopfinger.Like I said before, there comes a time when the press cross the line on getting questions answered and Tony Hopfinger crossed the line by pushing back and trying to hide behind the First Amendment.

The lefty blogger is claiming he felt threatened. If so, why the heck did he start the shoving match?

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