Democrats Need to Heed the Wisdom of Darrell K. Royal

It was Darrell K. Royal who originally said, “When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before”In the past few weeks we’ve seen Charlie Crist attack Marco Rubio for not being Hispanic enough. Serously.Earl Perlmutter refused to shake hands with his opponent in Colorado.Jim Marshall in Georgia had an oppo researcher obtain the divorce records of his opponent’s parents.Jack Conway attacked Rand Paul’s faith.A left-wing blogger invaded a Joe Miller rally in Alaska and assaulted attendees.Alan Grayson selectively edited a speech by Daniel Webster to make it look like Webster said something he did not.Barack Obama himself went out bashing his own side for not getting out the vote.Joe Biden accused the Democrats of whining.The Democrats are on the cusp of a very bad defeat. They need to start acting like they’ve been there before. They have — 1994.This sore loser stuff is doing them no favors at all. But it is delightful to watch. I can’t wait for the post-election blame game. Nancy Pelosi may have to take up residence in an undisclosed location.



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