Alex Sink Loves Felons

I am a diehard Karen Handel supporter for Governor of Georgia. I believe Nathan Deal won the nomination by lying about Handel’s record. After Deal’s nomination, we now see what appears to be insurmountable allegations of corruption, bad business deals, near bankruptcy, etc.But all things being equal, I’ll be voting for Nathan Deal while holding my nose because even with all his problems, he is still better than Roy Barnes.So I get that many Republicans in Florida are having a hard time embracing Rick Scott as their nominee after a terrible, nasty primary with Bill McCollum. While Karen Handel went all in for Nathan Deal after he beat her, McCollum has not been man enough to do the same for Scott.This will be the first election since the passage of the Voting Rights Act that the Democrats control the Department of Justice during redistricting. There will be numerous judicial and executive appointments to be made by the next Governor of Florida. In the choice between Rick Scott and Alex Sink, there is no choice. We now know just how bad Alex Sink would be. During her tenure as Chief Financial Office of Florida, she routinely licensed felons to sell insurance if they contributed to her or the Democratic Party of Florida.


The [Palm Beach] Post obtained records Friday for 25 insurance agents with a broad variety of criminal convictions, including shoplifting, grand larceny, credit card fraud and passing bad checks among others. All were licensed by Sink’s office in 2009.Among those 25 were at least a dozen who received licenses in 2009 to represent American Medical and Life Insurance Co., which along with Aventura-based Cinergy Inc., was being investigated by Florida regulators earlier this year.

Many of those who Sink licensed were donors to her campaign or the Democratic Party in Florida. Think of the untold damage this woman could do in redistricting, appointing people to state jobs, awarding state contracts, etc.Are you really going to continue holding the primary against Scott and risk Alex Sink as Governor? Really?



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