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Read this email from a birther. Then consider changing things like “birth place” dual citizenship” and “natural born status” to “foreign money.


From: Kandace Ricotta
Subject: Your latest birther comments in today’s Morning Briefing
Date: October 13, 2010 10:00:02 AM EDT
To: Erick Erickson

Dear Mr. Erickson,Why is it that you continue to refuse to look at the VALID questions surrounding Obama’s eligibility? You, like the Fox commentators, tell everyone the birthers are crazy, when it is blatantly obvious that none of you have ever taken the time to truly investigate the entire issue. There are FACTS that can not be disputed, FACTS which raise serious questions as to not only his birthplace, but his dual citizenship. Obama releasing the necessary records to PROVE one way or the other is the ONLY action that can be taken to remove all doubt about his natural born status. Please answer the following questions and tell all of America in one of your columns…why has he spent upwards of 1.5 million dollars fighting these ineligibility allegations in the courts? How did he travel to Pakistan in 1981 when there was a travel ban for ANY person holding a US passport? Why has he also sealed all of his school and college records…could he possibly have enrolled as a foreign student? And lastly, WHY has Obama been issued several social security numbers? I don’t know about you, but I have only had one SS# in my lifetime. If you want to check into this, contact Susan Daniels, the reputable P.I. who thoroughly investigated this social security issue, and came up with some very troubling factual data! One thing that REALLY steams me is the bogus claim that the birth notices in those two Hawaiian newspapers PROVES Obama was born in Hawaii. Nothing could be further from the truth…that information came from the State Department of Health Birth Registry, and at that time, ANYONE could register a live birth in Hawaii, whether born in Hawaii or elsewhere. So, that claim absolutely does not hold water.For those of us who follow you regularly, and find you to usually be dead on with your commentaries, you have totally blown it with this issue. WHY?????I would LOVE a personal response, but addressing all of these questions in one of your columns, after you do your homework, will suit me just fine!Kandy Ricotta
Scottsdale, AZ




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