On the Battle Between Midgets vs. Tigers

“When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses she will be a hero in my book.

In the battle between midgets versus tigers, the midgets can win. But a few of the midgets must sacrifice themselves to distract the tigers.First of all, yes, yes I know it should be midgets versus lions, but that is an internet hoax, this is very real, and I’m an LSU fan.This is precisely what is happening in the battle between the tea party and the establishment. The establishment controls the major party machines, the media, the fundraising tools, etc. The tea party is not in a fight against the Democrats or Republicans, but the establishment, which has grown out of touch with the people and is destroying the country. Democrat and Republican alike, the leadership of each is terrible and given voice by a media that is largely incapable of relating to the concerns of a group labeled fringe yet driving the election.The tea partiers are the midgets. The establishment politicians and media are the tigers.In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell is the midget sacrificing herself to the tiger of the mainstream media and establishment.The odds are stacked against Christine O’Donnell. Thanks to the industriousness of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP Leadership, the Delaware GOP Leadership, and the assorted pundits, journalists, and other talking heads on TV and in print, Christine O’Donnell is really taking one for the team and will likely not make it past the tigers.But because of Christine O’Donnell’s willing sacrifice, the tigers are distracted. With only about twenty-two days left, the tigers are just now trying to refocus on Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson. Meanwhile, for the past five weeks or so, these candidates have built up leads or drawn even with their opponents.While the tigers have been taking out Christine O’Donnell, these candidates have surrounded the tigers and are preparing to slay the beasts.There are many on the right who speak derisively of Christine O’Donnell. They lament her rise. They insult her. They spit when they say her name. Even here at RedState, many commenters pull out their hair over Christine O’Donnell.Shame on all those who do that. When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses she will be a hero in my book. But for her, neither Sharron Angle nor Ken Buck nor Mike Lee nor Joe Miller nor Marco Rubio nor Rand Paul nor Pat Toomey nor Ron Johnson would have had as strong a chance of winning in this last month before the general election.Christine O’Donnell, willingly or not, has stood firm in the face of the media and establishment onslaught and distracted them all. And only now, with twenty-two days left, are the media and establishment turning, in terror, to realize how close the midgets are to slaying the tigers.Do not insult or belittle Christine O’Donnell here at RedState. Because of her, even if she cannot win, she has distracted the tigers long enough so that others can win. She is owed our thanks.One Editorial Note: Some of you are pounding your fists on the table and smacking your forehead wondering why on earth I’m pointing this out now instead of waiting. Well, I have a strong sense given the wires these past few days that the media is starting to realize they’ve been distracted so there is no harm in pointing it out now. And no, I’m not wrong.

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