David Frum and the Limits to Deviancy

NewsReal Blog has done an investigative piece into one of its former writers. The writer, Alex Knepper, now writes for David Frum.Alex Knepper is a 20 year old adult who wrote longingly of CHILF’s. You, like I, probably have no idea what that is. If you know what a MILF is (NSFW, but you can google it), substitute the “mother” for “child”.What makes this relevant, despite its sordid nature, is NewsReal Blog having tipped off Frum to his employee’s behavior and other conservative sites giving this Alex Knepper character a forum. You’d like to think that had they known of his predilections, they would not.Ironically, when I mentioned this on Twitter, the only people who spoke up in the guy’s defense were some of the more rabid socialists defending the guy’s “refreshingly unconventional conservatism,” which is to say he is not a conservative at all.Beyond this being a derivative and foreseeably byproduct of sexualizing teens like Mylie Cyrus and the whole Bratz phenomenon, the problem we have here is people like David Frum giving a 20 year old who goes on a gay teen forum to engage in fantasies about sex with underage boys a forum to espouse views that Frum and others characterize as conservative or libertarian, thereby giving him a legitimacy no one should.Exacerbating it is that Knepper argues in defense of himself that were he a 20 year old guy talking about sex with a 16 year old girl, no one would have a problem. First, he’s wrong. Second, he clearly discussed a desire to engage in sexual behavior with children under the age of sixteen — heck he made jokes about having sex with children under the age of ten. Third, this is what happens when we as a society keep accepting sexual behaviors that deviate from the norm to be considered normal. Society begins sliding down all sorts of slippery slopes we shouldn’t. What’s not acceptable coming from straight males can’t become acceptable just because it’s coming from a homosexual male instead.This, however, is a slide too far. (BE FOREWARNED IF YOU CLICK THIS LINK: IT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK) You need to read this to understand just what we as a society are dealing with as we define deviancy as normal and what we deal with on a regular basis as pseudo-conservatives like David Frum give a forum to non-conservatives writing as conservatives who make jokes about having sex with eight and nine year old boys.If we are to accept that Alex Knepper is 20 and therefore a kid, we should not treat this kid as any sort of authority on any vein of conservatism. If we accept he is an adult and we should engage on his thoughts, then we must recognize that his behavior is outside the bounds of acceptable conduct and he should not be rewarded while engaging in perverse behavior.There is no place in normal society for this — no place at all.



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