Barack Obama Is 'A Threat to Our Democracy'

“[U]nlike the Chamber of Commerce, the Obama campaign most likely accepted into its campaign coffers donations from foreign individuals and never returned the money.”

When you’ve hung around with so many people who idealize communism and socialism and loath the United States, you tend to develop an inner-Soviet voice. Barack Obama sure has.He let it slip with Joe the Plumber and Obama’s talk of wealth redistribution. He let it slip when declaring that “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”. He’s now let it slip again.His campaign farce, Organizing for America, sent out an email noting that Barack Obama declared the United States Chamber of Commerce “a threat to our democracy.”What. The. Hell.Why would the President of the United States want to slander 3 million American companies, and their tens of millions of employees? Why would he assume them evil enough to subvert the law deliberately like this? Is the man who got his political start in the home of a terrorist, who spent twenty years worshipping in the church of a man who preached contempt for America, whose childhood mentor was a communist radical, and who shows no more understanding of basic economics than a cliff notes reading of Das Kapital . . . projecting?He has now been echoed by his whole campaign team in an organized character assassination attempt with the Center for American Progress against the Chamber of Commerce.Why?The Chamber of Commerce accepts money from some foreign corporations that have American business interests. The Chamber has been quick to point out that it keeps those funds segregated and does not use them for political advocacy.But there are two larger points worth noting. First and foremost, if this is the standard Barack Obama is using, then Barack Obama himself is a threat to our democracy. Why? Barack Obama is the biggest recipient of British Petroleum dollars. British Petroleum is a foreign corporation.If that is the standard the Chamber of Commerce is held to, Barack Obama should hold himself to that standard.But there’s more.Back in 2008, the Washington Post documented the ease by which foreigners and others could give the Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. The campaign, in fact, boasted of it.In addition to accepting pre-paid credit cards, the Obama campaign turned off the processing mechanism that verified only United States citizens were giving to his campaign.As Patrick Ruffini documented in 2008 the Obama campaign turned off the Address Verification Service mechanism to the campaign website, allowing virtually anyone to give to the campaign.In addition to this being another matter that Daryl Issa will have to investigate once the Republicans take back the House, the bigger issue is that several of us in the blogosphere back in 2008 knew people living overseas who gave to the Obama campaign just to see if it was possible. Yes, Europeans gave a few bucks just to see if they could. Of those I heard of who did this, I never heard of any of them getting a refund.In other words, unlike the Chamber of Commerce, the Obama campaign most likely accepted into its campaign coffers donations from foreign individuals and never returned the money.But there is a larger issue here too. The President of the United States has taken to the bully pulpit to declare an institution as American as mom, apple pie, and flags on Main Street to be a threat to our democracy.Were Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin or Glenn Beck to say anything of the like, the left would dismiss them and say they were no longer worthy of being taken seriously. How then can we take Barack Obama seriously?Very easily — Barack Obama is the President of the United States. For him to call an organization instrumental to American commerce and business a ‘threat to our democracy” should trouble all of us. He and his administration have shown no ability to get the economy going again. Every advice from the Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and other supporters of the entrepreneurial class have been rebuffed.To now declare one of the few groups that has the bona fides to get the economy going again a “threat to our democracy” is as extremist as anything he and his goons would accuse conservative talk radio of saying.It also shows this President is out of ideas and is falling back on the Soviet rhetoric his mentors of long ago all embraced.




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