American Stalin: Alan Grayson And His Views on the Anti-Defamation League, the Military, and Other Things

You might well say it is extreme hyperbole to call Alan Grayson an American Stalin. You would be right. But it is no different than what Alan Grayson, in extremist, hyperbolic lies, is doing to his opponent Daniel Webster.As has been well documented, Grayson attacked Bill Clinton Daniel Webster for getting academic deferments from Vietnam and then failing his medical exam, thus denying him the ability to serve his country.Grayson then referred to Webster as “Taliban Dan” selectively editing Webster’s comments to make it sound like Webster was saying exactly the opposite of what Webster really was saying.What’s more, Grayson demanded the Federal Election Commission investigate and incarcerate one of his critics who claims Grayson is crazy.Calling Grayson an American Stalin is no less onerous that what Grayson himself is doing. In fact, what Grayson is doing is worse. He is an elected official using the power of his office to threaten and intimidate critics, attack females in Congress as “whores”, and fund his campaign to slime opponents with edited video footage making it appear the opponents are saying exactly the opposite of what they did say.Grayson has become the politician who attacks his opponent for having a thespian daughter.Beyond the lies, however, lies an ugly truth about Alan Grayson that the media ought to pursue.Grayson’s senior policy advisor — the guy he chose to advise him on a daily basis — has views that seem to fit Alan Grayson. Enterprising reporters out asking Alan Grayson why it is he wants to throw his critics in jail, need to ask some crucial questions about Grayson and his senior policy advisor, Matt Stoller.In fact, here the questions to ask — all based on the well known and pre-existing views of Grayson’s senior policy advisor who, again, Grayson himself hand picked:Congressman Grayson, do you believe, as your senior policy advisor Matthew Stoller does, that the Anti-Defamation League is “a crazy racist institution”?Congressman Grayson, do you believe, as your senior policy advisor Matthew Stoller does, that Senator John McCain is “a crazy cancer-ridden dishonest madman”?Congressman Grayson, do you believe, as your senior policy advisor Matthew Stoller does, that the U.S. military is a treasonous institution that will “undermine Obama unless he pursues neoconservative policies”?If Grayson does not, then one must question his judgment in hiring a guy to advise him who believes, and believed prior to his hiring, that the Anti-Defamation League is “a crazy racist institution” and the military is a treasonous organization that will “undermine Obama.”If Grayson does, then one must wonder if his constituents are aware of that fact.Oh, and his constituents probably want to know what exactly his ties are to ACORN. Here is a video of one of his staffers bragging about how much Alan Grayson loves ACORN — masters of voter fraud.




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