Non-Voting Delegate To Congress Demands Lobbyists Pony Up

If there is one sure thing next year it is that Delegate Eleanor Norton Holmes, the Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives from the District of Columbia, will get re-elected.Ms. Holmes, who calls herself a Congresswoman despite not being elected to Congress to vote on anything, gets to sit on committees in the House of Representatives along with delegates from other territories of the United States. She does not, however, get an actual vote on the floor of the House of Representatives because she does not represent a state.Frankly, the odds are more likely that Ms. Holmes or Norton Holmes or Norton Hears a Who Cares About Her Anyway will get re-elected to not vote in Congress than that Coons will get elected in Delaware against Christine O’Donnell. So one must wonder what she needs money for — particularly when those Democrats who actually can vote in Congress need all the money they can get. It doesn’t matter to her. She has now been caught on tape soliciting money from a lobbyist in Washington in a rather awkward voicemail.Based on her voicemail, it seems pretty doggone clear that Eleanor Norton Holmes was demanding money in an “or else” sort of fashion or, at best, a “I can help you out if you give me money” sort of fashion. Either are against the law.Big Government has the call audio and transcript as well as the relevant portions of law.



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