Didier Behaves Like Those He Campaigned Against

In Delaware, Mike Castle is refusing to endorse Christine O’Donnell.In Florida, Bill McCollum is flirting with the Democrats.In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski is considering going write-in to cling to power.These are the faces of the establishment. They have been beaten and then took their footballs off the field.Clint Didier ran against the establishment. He ran against people like that. But it wasn’t enough. Many conservatives, myself and Jim DeMint included, rallied to Dino Rossi.Rossi won. Didier became all that he opposed. He is refusing to endorse Rossi and move on.Now, some will say that Didier is willing to make an endorsement if only Rossi will adhere to Didier’s three pledges, which are:

  1. Pledge to never vote for new or increases in existing taxes.
  2. Pledge to never vote for any bill that causes a net increase in federal spending.
  3. Pledge to introduce Dr. Paul’s “Sanctity of Life” bill in the Senate (Since Dino says he is pro-life)

Saying that Rossi should just embrace these three points is beside the point. Didier is putting conditions on Rossi that Rossi run his own campaign the way Didier wants, not the way Rossi wants.If Didier really wants to beat Patty Murray, as he claims, he should endorse or go away.This is a free country. Didier can do what he wants. But let’s remember that in this election year Didier is behaving like the rest of the trash we’ve all been taking out to burn on the ash heap of history.I hope Clint Didier is not becoming part of that pile of trash.


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