Facts About the RedState Gathering

Sorry to those of you who were unable to register for the RedState Gathering. I’ve gotten a few emails. Unfortunately, we cannot do same day registrations this year due to a number of issues involved in the event.Hey, we told ya to register.Here’s what you need to know.First, the dress will be business casual. NOTE: This is Austin, TX, so “business casual” includes jeans and a collared shirt.Second, the event will start at 6pm on Friday with a special briefing from the Republican Governors Association and the premier of their new “Remember November” video.Following the briefing, there will be a reception for the attendees hosted by Governor Rick Perry.The next morning will kick off at 9am with a welcome to Texas by Governor Perry.There will be three workshops throughout the day on organization, mobilization, and candidate training. There will be one panel discussion. Speakers include Chuck DeVore, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, Herman Cain, Tom Graves, Mike Lee, and more.Meals are provided for during the day on Saturday. That night we’re giving you a sneak peek of a new movie.See you in Austin.



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