The Obama Tax Increase and Small Business

John Boehner, on Sunday, suggested that he might be willing to support a tax package that included Barack Obama’s tax increase on job creators — those making more than $250,000.00 a year.There are some important points to consider.First, this tax increase is, according to the Democrats, a tax increase on the rich. This is code for “job creators.” Neither you nor I have ever met a poor man writing a paycheck. It is the rich who write paychecks. They are the job creators.Second, the Democrats insist upon equality. It is, even more so than tolerance, their chief virtue. Apparently, however, the Democrats are perfectly happy to treat job creators as something less than equal by raising the percentage they pay in taxes.Third, whether the Democrats like it or not, and they routinely try to deny it, it is from this pool of people the Obama tax increase would affect from which we see the most hiring, whether it be an employee for their business, a nanny, a gardener, or some other service provider. This Obama tax increase will cause trickle down unemployment.Fourth, the Republicans, out of necessity, need to stop talking about this as a Bush tax cut expiring and talk about an Obama tax increase because that is what it is.Lastly, and most importantly, Democrats respond to all of this and ask where all the jobs are if those tax cuts worked so well. The jobs were there until the Democrats took back Congress in 2007 and created gobs of uncertainty as to the fate of the tax cuts and, due to the uncertainty, sent the economy in the tank.Democrats, in their support of the Obama tax increase on job creators, are showing they have learned absolutely nothing about creating jobs.



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