Ovide Lamontagne Rising in New Hampshire

A lot of really good people have come out for Kelly Ayotte in the New Hamphire GOP Senate Primary. I have quietly pulled for Ovide Lamontagne, but supported those who cast their lots with Ayotte.For a good while it looked like Ovide was getting no traction and were he not in the race, Kelly Ayotte would be my pick. The other guy in the race, whose name is not worth remembering, is on video saying he supported abortion rights because if he ever had a kid with a defect, he’d want the right to kill the kid.That’s unacceptable.So with Ovide going no where in the polls, people understandably went with Kelly Ayotte.Well, in the past couple of weeks things in New Hampshire have shaken up. The Union Leader endorsed Ovide, new documents have come out showing Kelly Ayotte misrepresented her dealings with Planned Parenthood, and Ovide has momentum taking him into second place.This race is thoroughly winnable by Ovide Lamontagne and he could absolutely win the general election too. I think it is time for conservatives who have not yet committed in New Hampshire to stand with Ovide Lamontagne.A friend of mine has put it better than I can on the differences between Ovide and Kelly. I’m just going to cut and paste and make this my own. Here are ten points to consider in New Hampshire:1. On judges. Ayotte said she would have voted yes on Sotomayor. Ovide called for a no vote on Sotomayor, and wrote a compelling piece in Human Events on judges.2. On stimulus. Ayotte publicly encouraged people to apply for stimulus money, and publicly touted a cold case unit that stimulus funds created in her office, something the Union Leader attacked as a waste because it created no new jobs. Ovide was – and is – opposed to the stimulus. In the 90s Ovide was Chairman of the State Board of Education and was one of two leaders in the country to refuse federal stimulus money, citing the strings attached. In other words, he has a record of rejecting stimulus, not merely rhetoric.3. On earmarks. Ayotte said in November that she was in favor of earmarks so long as they were “transparent”. She reversed course four months later and said she changed her mind and opposed all earmarks…only after Ovide campaigned for months for no earmarks. Ovide also issued a statement in favor of DeMint’s effort to institute an earmark moratorium.4. On life. It was learned this week that Ayotte paid Planned Parenthood of New England $300,000 in NH taxpayer money for PP’s legal fees in a case she claimed to have won. This was done secretly with no public notice. When the Supreme Court remanded the case to NH, Ayotte refused to testify before the legislature to try and save it. Ovide is pro-life period. He is the father of two adopted daughters and supports a Human Life amendment to the Constitution.5. On private property rights. Ayotte authored New Hamphire’s “JUA” opinion, which gave the Governor the legal green light to attempt a theft of $110 million in private funds to balance the state budget, a Kelo style taking. The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled a few months ago that this attempted theft was unconstitutional. No conservative attorney could have rightly believed this was proper. Ovide is a constitutional conservative who strongly believes in and promotes private property rights.6. On guns. Kelly actively lobbied Governor Lynch to veto an expansion of the Castle Doctrine, allowing people to protect themselves in their homes. Ovide has been a member of the NRA since 1992 and has earned A ratings from them.7. On carbon emissions. As Attorney General, Kelly signed a letter with people like Eliot Spitzer and Richard Blumenthal citing her opposition to a clean air bill because it DIDN’T contain caps on carbon emissions, which she believed would help create jobs. Ovide is opposed to carbon capping/cap and trade schemes.8. On immigration. Kelly stopped local police chiefs from attempting to prosecute illegal aliens for trespassing when ICE wouldn’t detain them. She had an opportunity to make a stand and fight like Arizona has. She did not. Ovide is tough on immigration and supports the Arizona law.9. Health care. As Attorney General, Ayotte signed a letter saying she was opposed to allowing small businesses to pool for insurance purposes, a staple of conservative reforms. She has since flipped and allegedly changed her mind as a candidate. Ovide has consistently opposed Obamacare and would seek its repeal.10. Politically. Ayotte was appointed Attorney General – never elected. She was a member of Democrat Governor John Lynch’s Administration for 4 years, who used her as proof of his “bi-partisanship” to knock out GOP incumbents in 2006 and 2008. When asked if she voted for the GOP nominee for Governor in 2006 and 2008, she refused to say. Ovide is a proven conservative leader who has led the charge as a conservative reformer and change agent.



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