Pulling the Plug in Delaware: The Liberty.com and Christine O'Donnell Matter

I would rather die a thousand times over via crushing by an anaconda while being torn limb from limb by a jaguar than see Mike Castle in the Senate.I would rather be slowly run over by a road roller while listening to Janeane Garofalo dialogue from The Truth About Cats and Dogs than see Mike Castle in the Senate.I’d rather see the Democrat get elected than see Mike Castle get elected. Seriously, I know many of you disagree with me, but if the majority depends on Mike Castle, to hell with the majority.But I’m moving on from Delaware. The Tea Party Express has a poll coming out showing the race within 5 points. I wish Christine O’Donnell the best. I’d rather her than Castle.But I’m moving on.If Christine O’Donnell wins it’ll be inspite of the help she has gotten. What has ultimately set me off is the “Mike Castle is gay” stuff, which is nothing more than the Will Folks hour come to Delaware. The failure of the O’Donnell campaign to deal swiftly with this tells me all I need to know.As I noted in my original post on Eric Odom, parts of his American Liberty Alliance website became a site for Christine O’Donnell advocacy.Subsequently, a number of the affiliated individuals went and worked directly for Christine O’Donnell’s campaign. A few weeks ago they left. Around that time I began hearing rumors the O’Donnell campaign was imploding.The gang that left resurfaced at Liberty.com. The launch day spectacular at Liberty.com was to announce that Mike Castle is having a gay affair on his wife with no proof whatsoever.When it was pointed out that all the people behind the accusation were O’Donnell campaign staffers, the response was “not any more.”After a year of direct and indirect advocacy for Christine O’Donnell, it is pretty doggone hard to now stand apart and say “Nope, not campaign related.”Baloney.Christine O’Donnell’s campaign did distance her from the video, but the damage is done. These were the people she hired for her campaign. That’s a judgment issue. Likewise, to my knowledge, neither Christine nor her campaign distanced herself until the next day when asked about it on a radio show. In doing so, the Hotline notes, “O’Donnell . . . call[ed] it an “insult” to both Castle and his wife. In the process, though, she repeats the rumor several times.” [Emphasis added]In the meantime, we have another problem.The tea party movement has largely been about fiscal issues and the state of the country going forward. While the press has done its best to drag the tea party movement into the culture wars, the movement has wisely stayed above the fray, focusing on a handful of issues.Racism, homophobia, bigotry, etc. have all been leveled at the tea party movement. There’s been no evidence. It’s all been lies.And now we have this. A website billing itself as a hub for the tea party movement using something called “Tea Party HD” to boldly make accusations that Mike Castle is gay and having an affair.This is Will Folks all over again. I don’t care if Mike Castle is meeting up with Larry Craig at Stallknockers.com for some Union Station visitation — without proof it is meaningless and even with proof it is a distraction from the issues and not helpful to tea party activists or Christine O’Donnell.It’s amateur hour.The O’Donnell campaign, whether they wanted to or not, needed to respond to this aggressively. But then it looks like it is amateur hour there too.I want Christine O’Donnell to win. Tea Party Express’s polling notwithstanding, I don’t think she will. And I cannot bring myself to spend an ounce of energy more to help when there are other candidates out there with better chances who need our help.I’m done and pulling the plug.



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