David Vitter Heads to November

David Vitter easily won the Republican Primary the other day. Now he is facing Charlie Melancon in the general election.Here’s the thing people don’t realize about David Vitter — with Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn, David Vitter is in the triumvirate of conservative champions in the Senate. So defiant toward the Democrats and many Senate Republicans has he been, that Chuckie Schumer, Bob Menendez, and even a few Republican Senators have developed a personal hatred of Vitter.Frankly, I have for a long time viewed him as our own Rahm Emanuel, though his personal foibles overshadowed the ruthless conservative tactician side of him for a while. I hope that he can be rehabilitated enough to be as solid a trench fighter as he is a conservative vote in the Senate.We need to do what we can for Vitter. Schumer and Menendez are going to come after him in a big way because of their personal animosity toward him. Melancon would be a vote for the Democrats we can ill afford.I’m sending Vitter some cash for the general election and I hope you’ll join me. We need him back to fight next year.



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