Obama Blames Democrats For Economic Stall

Andrew Malcolm notes that prior to King Louis Mr. Obama heading off on his ninth vacation he blamed Congressional Democrats for the economic stall.

The jobs bill that is stalled in Congress would completely eliminate taxes on key investments in small businesses. It would allow small business owners to write off more expenses. And it would make it easier for community banks to do more lending to small businesses, while allowing small firms to take out larger SBA loans with fewer fees, which countless entrepreneurs have told me would make a big difference in their companies. I’d also like to point out this legislation is fully paid for and will not add one single dime to our deficit.


Now, he didn’t precisely say Democrats, but we know that is the case. After all, they control both the House and Senate. They’ve been able to pass a stimulus bill, a health care bill, a financial deform bill, and all those other glorious bills the left has demanded.But they cannot help small businesses, which are the economic engine of this country. Why? Small businesses aren’t unionized, so why bother.



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