I'm Still Perturbed by This

The Bill McCollum campaign in Florida is lamely trying to deny they had anything to do with that stupid lawsuit against Rick Scott. They’ve also decided that because I am defending Scott in this that I must be a shill for Scott.Were I shilling for Scott, given my track record, I would be endorsing the guy. I am not and that is not the point.The point is if a Democrat State Attorney General drummed up an investigation against his political opponent’s corporation, used a disgruntled doctor to try to build a case, failed to get the media to take it seriously, then orchestrated a lawsuit by a third party based on the AG’s investigation so the media would have to pay attention to it, the Republicans would be demanding the FBI investigate.What price is winning if we lose our soul in the process? The Republicans got thrown out of office in 2006 because they became indistinguishable from the Democrats. I get that Bill McCollum is a career politician and hasn’t had a job in the private sector for any decent about of time in years — but does he really want to stay in power for so long that he plays not even Chicago style politics, but Louisiana style politics? If he keeps down this road it’ll only be a matter of time before he, a Republican, is found with money in his freezer. Conservatives can pick who they want in this race. But those clapping their hands at this bit of desperation because mean old Rick Scott is “buying” the race should be ashamed of themselves.



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