A Note To Conservatives Who Wanted to Suck Up to the Quayle Family

Look, I get it. Dan and Marilyn Quayle are tremendous people. So when they call and say you should back their son who is running for Congress, you tend to say okay.But Ben Quayle is imploding. He did a “rent-a-family” mail piece purported showing him with his daughters, but he has none. Now, it turns out that Ben Quayle has a bit of a scandal on his hands.He helped set up a website called The Dirty and wrote there under the name of a porn star about all the hot chicks at Scottsdale, AZ nightclubs.His denial of the allegations also shows he’s a pretty bad liar.So all you conservatives who are wedded to Ben Quayle need to recognize that if conservatives split their vote, they’re going to wind up with someone like Vernon Parker who is trying to play conservative for the camera, but whose own constituents openly mock him as a liberal.There is a better choice: Pamela Gorman. Pamela Gorman has bled for the cause. She has fought the fight. She will not disappoint you.Friends, you need to join me and get on board Pamela Gorman’s campaign NOW. Sure, there are others in the race who are arguably conservative, but not one person in the race has done more to fight for freedom than Pamela Gorman.Give her money, pray for her, and vote for her.



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