I told you Sharron Angle is Okay

I told you yesterday that the internal numbers in the Rasmussen poll along with the other polling trends are good for Sharron Angle in Nevada.Well, Mason-Dixon is out now and also happens to be my favorite nonpartisan polling company in America with a high rate of accuracy.According to Mason-Dixon, Reid is losing ground and Angle is making up ground.


The new survey by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research shows Reid and Angle neck and neck. The Senate majority leader would win 43 percent and Angle 42 percent of support from likely Nevada voters if the election were held now. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points on the statewide telephone survey of 625 registered voters taken Monday through Wednesday.A July 12-14 Mason-Dixon poll showed Reid 7 points ahead of Angle, 44-37. It was the best showing for the four-term incumbent — and the worst for Angle — in a head-to-head matchup, according to a series of surveys for the Review-Journal since last year.

Again, Reid spent ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS to define and attack Sharron Angle. After all that money, Angle is a point or two behind with Reid unable to make up the ground.Angle will be fine.Now, a word about Base Connect. A couple of weeks ago I discovered Sharron Angle was using Base Connect. I relayed my concerns and the concerns of a number of other conservatives to her campaign, which was unaware of the issues. I believe the campaign is resolving those issues and I am not troubled by the reports.Sharron Angle has a top notch finance director now who is going to let anyone or any group consume campaign resources needlessly. I think this is a nonissue.



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