Georgia Congressman Claims He Didn't Know Much About Planned Parenthood Before Voting to Give Them Money

The other day I noted that Congressman Nathan Deal, back in 1993, voted to explicitly fund abortions via Planned Parenthood. I was wrong. The vote was to implicitly allow Planned Parenthood to fund abortions.As Congressman Deal explained Monday night:


Politicians who vote to give your money to abortion providers can spin it anyway they like, but taxpayer dollars for one service frees up money elsewhere to provide abortion services”

Buried in the comments from Deal about this is not just an admission against interest that his vote for funding offset tax dollars to free up money for abortion, but also an attempt to play dumb on what Planned Parenthood was all about.

Explaining his 1993 vote, Deal initially said “a lot of us were not fully convinced of where … Planned Parenthood was and what they were doing with their money.”

Really? Seriously?Back in the 1984 Planned Parenthood very publicly refused to comply with Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City Protocol. In fact, the organization went to court and obtained a court order allowing it to ignore the Mexico City Protocol. (SOURCE)Planned Parenthood also vigorously opposed the nomination of Robert Bork.During the George H. W. Bush administration, Planned Parenthood actively opposed the nomination of Georgia native Clarence Thomas. (SOURCE)In 1992, the year the media famously dubbed the “Year of the [Liberal] Woman, Planned Parenthood was active around the country funding pro-abortion candidates. This is the same year Deal ran for office. (SOURCE)Nathan Deal says he had no clue what Planned Parenthood was really all about. He either didn’t pay attention or is just playing dumb.



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