Does Georgia Right to Life Now Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

I am guessing Dan Becker and Georgia Right to Life are just fine and dandy with embryonic stem cell research.

They don’t like Karen Handel funding cervical cancer screenings, but they love them some Nathan Deal despite his support for a Henry Waxman backed piece of legislation funneling $500 million to the abortion industry explicitly for abortions.


Well, Nathan Deal also signed on to NANCY PELOSI authored legislation that, in its own description, “allows for the use of fetal tissue in medical research and appropriates funds to the National Institutes of Health.”

More language from the legislation describing the legislation:

The bill codifies the Clinton executive order lifting the ban on fetal tissue research from induced abortions.

Yes, yes, it happened in the past. Just like Karen Handel’s transgression. But Georgia Right to life is attacking Karen Handel and supporting Nathan Deal. Deal explicitly voted to fund abortions and explicitly voted to fund embryonic stem cell research.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Do Dan Becker and Georgia Right to Life agree?

Call and ask at (770) 339-6880.


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