Georgia Right To Life Supports Candidate Who Voted For Abortion Funding

Hypocrisy, thy name is Georgia Right to Life.

Today, Georgia Right to Life attacked Georgia gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel for funding Planned Parenthood when Handel chaired the Fulton County Commission in Georgia.


The funding had actually been approved before Handel got there and the money was designated for cancer screenings with Planned Parenthood doing the cancer screenings instead of the county.

You can read more here and will note that Georgia Right to Life threw in some gratuitous and unneeded nonsense on Sarah Palin and her son with Down Syndrome.

Contrast this Nathan Deal, who Georgia Right to Life is supporting. The money that was spent by Fulton County while Karen Handel chaired the commission went to do cancer screenings. In Congress, Nathan Deal voted for Henry Waxman sponsored legislation to give $500 million to Planned Parenthood to pay for actual abortions.

In Georgia Right to Life’s world, Nathan Deal voting to fund actual
abortions is better than Karen Handel presiding over a commission that
had voted to use Planned Parenthood as a cervical and breast cancer
screening provider for indigent women.


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