Full Disclosure

I keep getting emails, so let me put this on the front page of RedState. Here’s how I’m voting in Georgia:Governor: Karen Handel
Secretary of State: Brian Kemp
Attorney General: Max Wood
Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell
Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson
Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
School Superintendent: John Barge
PSC: John Douglas
I had wanted to vote for Doug for Secretary of State, but while I think he’s probably the most qualified person to ever run for the job, I have been less than impressed with his campaign and the mail piece on military voters.I sincerely hope Melvin Everson wins Labor Commissioner.I’ll be voting for the Libertarian for School Superintendent in the General Election unless someone really sells me on one of the Republicans.I say again that every single person running for Governor on the Democratic ticket is more honorable than John Oxendine and should Oxendine win I will vote for the Democrat.



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