RedState Gathering 2010

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I haven’t put up a post recently about the Gathering, but I certainly hope you will attend.

September 17 to September 19, 2010 we’ll be in Austin, TX rubbing in the noses of the hippies our support for Arizona.


That Friday night we’re planning a pretty impressive surprise for both the attendees and a particular person who must remain nameless because well . . . the surprise is for him and for you guys too.

On Saturday, we’re building in lots of time to meet and hang out with your fellow RedState members, you’ll hear from some of the candidates we’ve been supporting and, as with all of our Gatherings, the candidates are paying their own way and agreeing to spend time with you because this is truly about you guys, not the politicians.

One thing we are going to do a bit differently this year is have an American Majority training session. I have become a huge, huge fan of American Majority and they have the potential to make us an even bigger threat to the left. The training is stellar.

But we don’t want this to be too much work. After all, it is Austin and we should have fun too.

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We meet. We greet. We get geared up for November.


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