More on the NRA's Harry Reid Endorsement

I’m getting a lot of emails from people saying the NRA has not endorsed Harry Reid in Nevada.As I said in the original post: no, the NRA has not endorsed Harry Reid. But they are planning to unless we bring pressure to bear on them.But here’s the other thing: Sharron Angle has been a true patriot on 2nd Amendment issues in the Nevada legislature and Harry Reid both voted for every anti-gun nominee Obama has put up and voted for the Brady Bill, the assault weapons ban, etc.The NRA’s fallback is going to be not endorsing. They should in fact be endorsing Sharron Angle.Regardless — and this is the key point — both people at the NRA and people in the Senate are telling me the NRA will be endorsing Harry Reid later this year and the only way to stop it is to be very vocal about it right now.So keep making sure they know it would be unacceptable.



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