Jon Lerner: Winner

Friends, if you are still up at this late hour you know Mike Lee won in Utah.We beat Bob Bennett twice — first at the convention and second by beating his chosen successor. We beat the Chamber of Commerce and the GOP establishment back in DC with this race.But we need to raise a glass to a man many of you have never heard of. His name is Jon Lerner.I’ve never met him, but I admire his work.Jon Lerner did media for Sharron Angle’s campaign in Nevada.He ran Nikki Haley’s campaign and did media for Jeff Duncan’s and Tim Scott’s campaigns in South Carolina.He ran Mike Lee’s campaign in Utah.Now this guy is never going to be toasted in the media like a Bob Shrum or a Karl Rove — he gets conservatives elected. When the media profiles him, it’ll be more along the lines of an in depth look into the life of America’s Pol Pot or Adolph Hitler. He must be evil to work for people like Angle, Lee, Haley, Duncan, and Scott.But you and I know the truth. And we must raise our glass to Jon Lerner — he fights for freedom and doggoneit, he wins!



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